Friday, October 19, 2012

Brentwood Home Page Out Smarts Tennessean... They Published Facts that Matter to Taxpayers

Please read the Brentwood Home Journal....

For NISSAN to  get MORE taxpayer money when they have a "track record of NOT honoring their commitments.  A guy in NISSAN management came up to me in a parking lot and said: 831.... I was huh... he said YOUR right they lied about all the jobs in the HQ all we have is 831 and it looks like their outsourcing more jobs.  Speaking of outsourcing some people were relocated to Tennessee and the Veeps know that about 80 employees would lose their job within a year.  So these people that uprooted their  families became unemployed. Their jobs  to India.  NISSAN Vp's had interviewed their replacements BEFORE they left California.... It's disgusting!!!

Lots of people spoke to me....  people that were abused for being a woman, gay and Jewish. They were discriminated against by NISSAN HR....  People in the State f Tennessee did NOT care.  Racism is common in this state.  It DISGUSTS ME.   The discriminated is real.....  

People know that a Good Ole Boy network dominates NISSAN... they fear them.  I'm the only one that had the balls to look them in the face and ask WHY were they wasting taxpayer money?  They did not like me for questioning their ethics.   ALL I want is for NISSAN to Mediate and to get the fuck out of Tennessee.. I have NO Respect for this state of corruption.

  Look at how much taxpayer cash they got.  My name is Sharyn Bovat and I got in trouble for speaking out on "how they were spending our taxpayer money.   Want to hear about YOUR tax dollars funding my hunt to find a spa for Oxygen Facials?  

Back to Me

NISSAN delayed responding to a Malicious prosecution case about the bullying of the whistleblower filed in JULY.   Then they respond just weeks before the election.  They worded their response in a way that SLANDERS me.

FYI... almost every paragraph they say i was arrested for Stalking/harassment.  YES!!!  I was on "trumped up charges" TWICE and BOTH times the charges got dropped.  THAT IS WHY I FILED the MALICIOUS PROSECUTION.

Now my friend Mark Silverman says they "most likely" did it on purpose so if a news agency looks at NISSAN's response they'll read about how a jury indicted me. In Tennessee Grand Jury's are known to indict ANYTHING!!!

If a reporter wants a copy of the transcripts of the Jury trial of a 1st time misdemeanor call Sharyn 615-415-6675.

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